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Email Templates

1.99 usd

Email Templates stores predefined emails for quickly responding to customers without typing the same email over and over. Features- Add a default list of contacts to the To, CC and BCC fields- Set a default subject- Include attachments (Not supported by Outlook)- Templates are sorted by their flagged state and usage- Rank templates by usage- Reply to emails using the K-9 mail client (Using the share email feature)- {today} tag in body and subject get replaced with today's date when composing a new email.- {today} tag date format can be customized in the Email Templates settings.
- K-9 Mail has an option to share an email. This option will pass the from, to, cc, subject and body fields providing a much smoother experience.
Limitations- Cannot reply from Gmail or Outlook client
If you have any request or suggestions or complaints, please contact me so I can look into the issue.